The power of ‘what if’

Every person has at some point in their life experienced the ever so powerful what if. What ifs are very very dangerous. You could say they are a straight up gamble. You make a life-changing decision and everything is ok until the doubt creeps into your mind and millions of what ifs are spinning in your mind. If you make a decision and there is no what if, congratulation, you are set. There is nothing to be doubtful about and the decision was probably a right one… but if there is anything to doubt, it can drive you mad.

Some people can make a decision and live with the never-ending questions how different things would be, but most of the time it is unbearable. We are only human beings and doubt is our second nature. I, for example, am not strong enough to endure the torture. My first kiss was based on a what if… my crush started ignoring me for no apparent reason, so my only thought was what if I had let down my barriers and let him kiss me. It haunted me for days, until one drunken evening (yeah kids don’t drink if you are underage, you make baaad decisions) I decided to collect my courage and do it. It was bad as every first kiss and it actually only led me to a clear realisation what an asshole he is and I blind and stupid I had been. But I did it. There was no more what ifs, it was all clear, my mind was set.

If you are not sure what to do, you can take someone’s opinion on that matter, but don’t let their opinions overpower what do you feel in your heart. I know it sounds super cheesy, but it’s true. If you let others drive you into a bad decision, there will be a lot of what ifs. Some of those are bad and irrational, but some are there only because you are unsure you did the right thing. Don’t rush into hard decisions, take your time and if there is any doubt, try to solve it, so your horizons are clear and you don’t have to look back.