The Misrepresentation of Facts

I think that most people are aware of the Pewdiepie versus media issue that occurred sometime back. If someone actually took the time and watched his apologizing and explaining video, he is trying to put across his point that he is not a racist and was just trying to show how far are some people willing to go for a few bucks and how his audience would understand such kind of humour. He admitted that he could have done it a bit differently, like censor the incriminating sign and so on… His other point was how untruthful is the media – trying to get as many views as possible, presenting false facts and cutting occurrences out of context. Usually I stay out of such dramas, but few days ago, the Oscars took place and as I was unable to watch it, I read articles the next morning, all addressing how bad Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue was, how it was inappropriate for such an event and how he was trying to “bury the hatchet” with Matt Damon and failed miserably… Now I actually got to watch his monologue and yeah, I can admit that Jimmy is a savage but the monologue was brilliant. It reminded me so much of the Pewdiepie case though. It’s like the media didn’t even listen to what was Jimmy really saying and just wrote some random bullshit and I think it’s such a pity that they didn’t recognize his genius jokes and wrote how incapable he is just to make money out of it. We live in an era where you can trust nothing and nobody. If even serious press like The Wall Street Journal is presenting their own facts making people angry and misled, what are we supposed to read? I think that press should sometimes stick their heads out of their butts and actually address real and important things instead of clickbaits and false information. I don’t say that everybody is presenting just misleading information but as it is, such articles get usually buried deep under the lies and it would be nice for a change if it was all the other way.